New beginning for Pearl on the Silk Road
Zhuhai International Circuit upgrading and transformation plan officially initiated

Zhuhai, China, 19 March 2016 – Leading Malaysian property developer, LBS Bina Group Berhad (LBS), in the presence of guests of honour Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee,Governor of Guangdong province Zhu Xiao-dan and Chief Minister of Melaka, Datuk Seri Ir. Hj. Idris bin Hj. Haron, has launched the Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) Upgrading and Transformation Plan, beginning with the launch of the Melaka Cultural and Trade Center recently on 19 March, in Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel. By depositing the QR code into the display box, the gesture signifies the initiation of the motorsport based project, which is a result of the confluence of the friendship between China and Malaysia; as well as converging the talents of the Zhuhai High Technology Area.

Removing walls and welcome to all

Zhuhai International Circuit was established twenty years ago and it is China’s first racing track that is complies with the international standard. Since the street racing was introduced in 1993, Zhuhai has activated the “roaring era” of China, became the pioneer for the China motorsport racing and have built an international and professional racing management team. In 2005, Zhuhai International Circuit created the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival which is now the most influential regional racing event after 12 years of running. On 19 September 2015, The ZIC Upgrade and Transformation Plan was first detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked in September 2015 between LBS and the Zhuhai Jiuzhou Group Holdings Ltd. Zhuhai International Circuit welcomed it fourth big change.

Through this upgrade, Zhuahai International Circuit will bulldoze its walls, like a sea that receives hundreds of rivers, based on motorsport yet surpassing motorsport, it will become an integrated complex with China-Malaysia friendship interaction center, healthy business support facilities as well as cultural and sports facilities. The detailed planning, sophistication and standards is rare even around the world. This transformation and upgrading will improve China-Malaysia economic and commercial co-operation, promote and execute the “One belt one road” strategy. It will become the best location to showcase the Guangdong province and Melaka state friendly relationship, an example for other provinces and states to follow.

Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee,Governor of Guangdong province Mr. Zhu Xiao-dan expressed great hopes: “Today, Melaka Culture and Trade Center is initiated at the beautiful Zhuhai City, adding vitality and energy into both sides co-operation. Last September, the two province-state officially signed a friendly province-state agreement, bringing the bilateral relationship to a new stage. We are happy to see that, the people on both sides have worked hard and efficiently, in areas such as connecting and communicating, economic, trade and investment, cultural tourism, and hygiene have achieved a series of effective co-operation. Fully demonstrating the state-province friendly relationship's strong vitality and huge potential. Today the Melaka Culture and Trade Centre, is a new platform for the deeper mutual benefits of both sides. In the future Guangdong and Melaka will surely have deeper, wider relationship and achieve greater results, becoming a bright spot in the "One Belt One Road" strategy, making new contributions to the China-Malaysia relationship.”

His excellency Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob, Governor of Melaka is also full of anticipation for this mega project. “We are proud to be witnesses to such an important milestone, because we have begun a new chapter in Melaka and Guangdong bilateral relationship. Through our co-operation with LBS Group, we will continue to showcase Malaysian culture’s uniqueness, our multi-racial society and most importantly, reinforce our bilateral relationship that has been established since the 14 century.”

Inheriting a legacy and turning a new page

The circuit’s upgrading and transformation will utilize a open model., walls will be torn down to create a harmonious space, maximizing motorsport service facilities and development to combine city living with motorsport culture, as well as integrating China and Malaysia cultural heritages.

At the moment, the concept design for Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) Upgrading and Transformation Plan is complete, preliminary work is ready to commence. There will be the Motor Sports and Services Amenities Zone consists of upgrading the existing race track, developing of a motorsports-themed hotel, and an exhibition hall which caters to the racing industry. The plan also will see the inclusion of a Tourism Zone which will feature a world-class theme park and factory outlet for premium brands into the racing circuit. The highlight of the transformation will be the creation of a Melaka Cultural and Trade Center within Zhuhai International Circuit. The Melaka Cultural and Trade Center will consist of a museum themed after the historic voyage of ZhengHe to the Far East, offering visitors the opportunity to re-live this journey through a series of immersive multimedia displays. There will be a village modelled after the historic town of Melaka with retail spaces to showcase the best of Made-in-Malaysia products. Additionally, there will be a one-stop center to facilitate the development of trade and tourism between Guangdong and Melaka.

Chairman and General Manager of JiuZhou Holdings Dr. Andy Wong said,”Jiuzhou Holdings and LBS Bina Group are both the prominent companies in each other’s country and we are obliged with the right timing of China reform and opening-up as well as the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, in which through our Upgrading and Transformation Plan, we work towards materializing this Plan under the Friendly Province and State Relationship programme at Zhuhai, be the example for this bilateral cooperation and benefits both the people from Zhuhai and Melaka.”

Tan Sri Lim Hock San, Managing Director of LBS, Director of ZIC, and a member of the Zhuhai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference (Zhuhai CPPCC) said,”The launch of the Melaka Cultural and Trade Center is the first step of what I believe is a remarkable vision of things to come. It is a significant platform for us to showcase the uniqueness of Melaka’s heritage to the people of China, and also serves as an exchange channel for goods and services between the two regions. The center is one of the three areas in the ZIC Upgrading and Transformation Plan.”

An all new era called for an all new Zhuhai International Circuit, through the convergence and trial of this all new concept, we will surely welcome a new tomorrow which will combine motorsport culture with city living, showcasing the uniqueness of China Malaysia culture and interaction and builds an environment with motorsport culture.

Guests of honour for the initiation ceremony are: Mr. Li Jia, Zhuhai General Party Secretary, Mr. Li Feng, Guangdong Provincial Government General Secretary, Mr. Fu Lang, Chief Officer of Guangdong Province Foreign Affairs Office, Ms. Su Cai-Fang, Deputy Officer of Guangdong Province Foreign Affairs Office, Qiu Hui-Lin Chief of Guangdong Province Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Zhou Jian-Chun, Chief Officer of Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office. Ambassador of Malaysia to China Dato’ Zainuddin Yahya, Chief Minister of Melaka Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Idris Haron, Consulate General of Malaysia to Guangdong Muzambli Markam.