Race Track Rental

Whether it is a corporation wanting to entertain or inform clients or just a car club enjoying their vehicles, the commercial track day never fails to impress people. Every year, ZIC receives plenty of track booking requests from auto related companies, car clubs or corporations who want to use the track experience to entertain their most important clients.

At ZIC, we provide not just the track, we also provide other auxiliary services that makes your exclusive track day experience complete. For a start, we can provide a wide selection of VIP rooms for you and your guests to relax during their stay. We can also set them up to be used as briefing rooms or dining rooms according to your needs.

For catering, our world class catering partner means you can now enjoy quality food and beverages within our premises.

Other services include land transportation ranging from private limousines to coaches from anywhere in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan or even Macau; hotel room bookings for all the major hotels in Zhuhai...etc. Please enquire.
Circuit rental guidelines:

  1. Anybody wishing to make a booking, please visit ZIC’s circuit schedule website (http://dt.zic.com.cn/dt.asp) (it will be updated regularly) to check for availability. Then please contact ZIC’s sales department to discuss prices and timing.
  2. If the client would like to make a temporary booking, then ZIC could, according to the circuit schedule, reserve the track for 20 working days. The client must confirm his date within this 20 days period. 
  3. If the client has confirmed the date but due to various reasons cannot sign the official rental contract with ZIC, then the client must inform ZIC. After ZIC’s agreement, then an extension period for the contract signing maybe granted.
  4. The client must sign the official circuit rental contract with ZIC 40 days in advance of its activity date.
  5. Track activity time is from 9:00 to 17:00. ZIC does not accept half day or hourly bookings.

For track bookings, please contact:

  • Email: sales@zic.com.cn
  • Mr. Anson Feng, Tel: +86 756 362 1475
  • Mrs. Crystal Wang, Tel: +86 756 362 1476
  • Miss Vicky Liao, Tel: +86 756 362 1349

Please click to download: Track Rental Price List - Valid from 1 June 2022